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Re: Looking for theory of building modem init strings

 In article <jan-2806960927410001@>, (Jan Everly
 Williams) wrote:
 > Does anyone know of a web site that explains how to build a modem init
 > string from scratch, including what each element does? I'm not looking for
 > a list of modem init strings; I just want to know how they work.
 Each modem is potentially different as to how various AT commands work. 
 For such information, you need to use the manual that came with your
 modem.  In most cases, you can start with at&f1w1s0=1, which will instruct
 the modem to use it's factory default (&f1, but some modems just use &f),
 tell it to respond to you when connected as to it's connect speed,
 protocol, etc. (&w1), and to answer the phone on the first ring (s0=1). 
 For most modems (that I know of), these three at settings should work,
 which should be sufficient to connect to most things.  If you have
 problems at that point, then you will need to construct a new init string
 based on your manual  ( I know at this point you really need to know more
 information about why it's not connecting, which is somewhat difficult
 without direct access to the owner of the modem on the other end -- this
 is one of the reasons Global Village ships connection scripts with all of
 our products, so that you SHOULDN'T have to be a techno-weenie to make a
 connection).  I know this is not what you wanted to hear, but
 unfortunately, the specifics behind a modem's AT commands is usually up to
 the chip supplier.  There are no real standards to AT commands.
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