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Re: Where's the innovation??

 Chris Johnson wrote:
 > > Fully Customizable OS: configure the look, feel, and features for
 > > particular users and needs.
 > > Daniel L. Taylor
 > >
 >    You can say that again. I've been digging into ResEdit (on the 'look'
 > side of the equation) and some of the new stuff coming out is just flat
 > mind-boggling. Faux mahogany desktop with pewter/silver worked menu bar,
 > any one? No? How about a more techno appearance, perhaps a photo of some
 > sort, and a menu bar of _glass_ (yup, transparent!). Or a starfield and
 > inverse Bajoran menu bar in white, with a red LED digital clock thrown in.
 > No? Okay... Windows! Right down to the wdef and even the same mouse
 > pointer!
 >    I can see that I need to be turning out some screen shots for some of
 > these... thing is, the Windows one will have to have something like
 > Pagemill in sight or it might be thought of as a cheat :)
 >    Jinx_tigr
 >    (aka Chris Johnson)
 Would love to see some screenshots. All of this on an 040 Mac I'd like 
 to see what you could do with a PowerPC!!
 Ben S.