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Many to Many??

 This is my first crack at writing in Delphi and Paradox, and I have a
 question about how to get started with a many to many link. I am
 trying to write a dbase application for a law office environment that
 will link and address book entry with his "cases". This, of course it
 a straightforward one-to-many link, and using table objects very easy
 to deal with. My problem is that for each "case", I need to be able to
 add multiple cards from the address that when you find a
 particular case, you can see who the parent of the case is in the
 address table, but also, the names of any opposing councils, other
 attorneys assigned to the case, witnesses etc. Of course all of these
 people will  already be in the address book...Sounds like a many to
 many link to me, but I don't know how to go about creating an
 interface for that in Delphi. I know I could use a linking table in
 Paradox to form the basis of the link, but would I have to use a
 TQuery in Delphi to be able to show these relationships????
 Address         Link                   Case
 AddID*           AddID*               CaseID*
 Any suggestions?