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Re: Industrial Fucking Strength

 djcleverhans ( wrote:
 : In article <4qtgmv$>,
 : ldamschr@mesa5.Mesa.Colorado.EDU (Lee Damschroder) wrote:
 : > John Heath ( wrote:
 : > : I recently bought this with mixed hopes but it rocks 
 : > : Any one else have it?
 I said:
 : > 
 : > I started laughing about halfway through the first CD. Every song is the 
 : > same! 
 : > It's cool to see earache do more stuff like this, but BOING BOING BOING BOING
 : > it's hard to believe it's a real compilation when it sounds more like
 : > somebody's first toyings with a sequencer and got stuck in a rut
 : > his first time out.
 : > An average local band band is prolly a better buy, imho.
 to which i was rebuked by djcleverhans:
 : actually if you people had done your research and known it 
 : was a hardcore/gabber techno compilation before you bought it,
 : you wouldn't be bitching.  it definitely *is* the industrial
 : of techno, and a good comp at that.
 : sorry to be a dick, but not everything that says "industrial"
 : means it has to sound like KMFDM.
 Fortunately, it was at the radio station, where it amuses many DJ's,
 myself including. Still, I put on this weeks chart. I've paid not a dime.
   Call the style what you will; it still sucks.
 If I wanted bass I'd throw on Lustmord. CrashWorship for drums, maybe.
 (Idea: crashworship & lustmord live at the same time/stage!)
 But a single clipped-out sample* of a 303 looped/synched to a run-of-the-mill
 drum beat STILL SUCKS. I think it's cool if these DJ's are blurring the line,
 but it's a poor second, at least with this methodology.
 RE Hans KMFDM quipt:
   Very true, but neither Gristle nor Kraftwerk nor FLA nor Exessive Force nor
 the RESIDENTS(!) suck (boing) like this. Futhermore, making this a double 
 CD set a overkill on a par with saying "with my eyes gouged out and at night,
 things seem a little dim."
 who said anything about KMFDM, anyway?
 Having said all that, the 2nd cd is much better than the first. ;)
 *It's still bad karma to sample 303's. :)
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