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 In article <>, "[nerve]" <> wrote:
 > Danny F. Baxter wrote:
 > > Good DJ's can dance and so know what songs are
 > > danceable and which ones aren't. You obviously fall into the former
 > > category. So irritating......
 > I don't remember anybody actually saying you can't dance to music faster 
 > than 150 bpm. But, if you're talking about me, you are certainly wrong. 
 > Although, I will admit I try to keep everything I play below the 170 
 > bpm mark. Just for personal taste.
 > I have been to speed-techno, gabber raves and seen people dancing to 
 > 200+ bpm music, so I know its quite possible. But playing a set of 
 > straight 150 bpm music isn't going to accomplish anything except wear 
 > out the people on the dance floor. 
 And understandably.  When i go to raves (or dance on the technopoop side
 of Tracks, for that matter), i know what I'm getting into and dance
 appropriately.  However, industro and goth kids dance completely 
 differently.  Take a look next time you go to an industroclub.  You've
 got the spazzes who go nuts to Just One Fix and Plasticity, then have to
 sit out the next 7 songs while they recover, and then you've got the
 "i'm going to conserve as much energy as possible and just lean back
 from side to side" people, with tons in between.  Getting to the point,
 most industrokids can't *take* a set of constant 150-175 bpm stuff.  Most
 good raves are in that range (imho, of of course), and one can easily 
 dance 8-12 hours.  It's just a matter of style.
 > Both Justin Maxwell and I are in shape and both of us know that you can 
 > only dance at certain speeds for certain lengths of time. Thats just the 
 > way it goes. That doesn't mean you have to make sure you slow the set 
 > down, in fact, you can dance slow to fast music if you want. But playing 
 > all 150 bpm songs in a row doesn't make you a good DJ by any means.
 Completely agreed.  Take the theoretical set last week for example,
 before adam decided to kick the beat in :>  You started out with Black
 Lung, went into some dreamier haujobb...(maybe this was a few weeks ago).
 in the process, it crosses over a lot of slower stuff, and eventually hits
 the spazzes' desires :>  
 All i can say is Danny, you've got a few things to learn.  Sure good 
 deejays can dance.  I have encountered too many deejays who have no idea
 what's danceable (well technically everything is danceable but i don't want
 to get into this), playing shit like early wumpscut, suicide commando, etc.
 Those are the deejays who confuse impressing the audience with new material
 to scaring off the audience with 4 minutes of pure bullshit for the dance
 floor.  Lastly, the deejay has to cater to everyone's needs, not just his/her
 own.  I would rather stab myself in the hand with a spoon than voluntarily
 listen to "Like a Prayer" by Bigod20 again, but when 5 dipshits request it
 in a half hour, I have to play it or risk upsetting a patron, which in this
 trade is a definite no-no.  Certain clubs in this area could learn from this
 advice, but that's a whole different story.  
 > Variety is the spice of life, and just like 150 bpm songs, 100 bpm songs 
 > have a place in my set.
 hell yes.