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MISC> NBNews Editor's Choice Awards - 6/10/97NBNews Editor's Choice Awards - 6/10/97

NBNews Editor's Choice Awards	JUNE, 1997
http://nbnews.com			EDITION I

'The Best that's Newest on the NET'

NBNews is proud to announce the arrival of our newest writer,
Jeff Finlay <http://www.georgetown.edu/crossroads>. As you'll
soon witness through his below contributions, Jeff will be
instrumental in delivering a variety of educationally rich
sites to NBNews. We hope you'll enjoy seeing his work, as we
most certainly will, for many issues to come :)


Hewlett-Packard's Small-business Web Resource Center
Geraldsnet Stock Research Network
Theorists & Personalities of Digital Media
ZDNet's Fluid News
FAICO Information Solutions
Berkeley Digital Library Sunsite
Disneyland Paris Online
The GamerZone
Mary Jane Lamond
iMusic News Agent
WebRPG - The Web Site for Role Playing Gamers
Unofficial Jeff Buckley Web Page
Dead Media Project
Writers Write
The American Cynic
The Noam Chomsky Archive
Pride Net's AIDS/HIV Online Digest
JINN: The Online Magazine of the Pacific News Service
World Directory of Think Tanks 1996
Small Comets
Voices from the Gap - Women Writers of Color
James Crawford's Language Policy Site & Emporium
Parole Watch
Valley of the Shadow: The Civil War on Internet
Armenia Phototrack: A gallery of Pictures of Armenia
Universes in Universe

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