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John Lear (fwd)

During the late 1980's and early 1990's, John Lear, a Lockheed L- 1011
Captain and son of the famous inventor of the Lear Jet, started coming
forward with some startling revelations concerning the subject of aerial
phenomena and Unidentified Flying Objects.  During his lecture at the 1989
MUFON conference in Las Vegas, titled 'UFO COVERUP, HISTORY AND CURRENT
SITUATION' during which he spoke to an audience of over 400 of the nations
leading UFOlogists, Lear made some startling comments. 
     One man who we will refer to extensively elsewhere claims to be a
deep level intelligence operative within the U.S. Government who has
access to some very sensitive and top secret information concerning the
government's involvement with 'alien' studies.  This individual, who
refers to himself only as 'Commander X', made the following comments
concerning John Lear and his possible intentions and motives for his

     "...One can't help but be impressed with the name John Lear. After
all, his father, William was the famous aviation pioneer who built the
Lear Aircraft Company, which today holds down many defense contracts and
employs thousands. 
     "Lear - the son - is also highly regarded in aviation circles, having
flown a variety of over 150 test aircraft, and having won every award
granted by the Federal Aviation Administration. 
     "Until a few years ago (early 1980's) John Lear had little or no
interest in UFO's--he hadn't thought terribly much about the subject,
which seemed 'way out' to him.  Then he chanced to talk to a friend who
had been stationed in England when a UFO touched down at a military
complex there, and was seen by U.S. servicemen on duty--small creatures
and all.  Intrigued, Lear began asking around and found some of his former
associates in the CIA--for whom he had flown a number of missions--willing
to confirm that government leaders knew a great deal more about
UFO's...then the public was being let on. 
     "Lear discovered to his utter amazement that the U.S. military
actually possessed craft (ie. aerial craft of unknown origin - Branton),
some of the vehicles were even in partially working order.  Apparently,
the Americans had initially gotten their hands on these... disk-shaped
devices as far back as the late 1940's, upon recovery of a 'saucer' that
the Nazi's had somehow captured during World War II.  Apparently, some of
the lethal 'death weapons' we subsequently developed were based on facets
of this (recovered) technology. 
     "Furthermore, Lear believes that any number of flying discs 'fell'
into our hands when they crashed in the southwest in the late 1940's and
early 50's. 
     "Scattered around the various crash sites were the bodies of small
humanoid beings, the EBE's.  At least one alien was found still alive and
he, along with his badly burned budies, were flown to Wright-Patterson Air
Force Base in Dayton, Ohio, home of the infamous 'Hanger 18'; this final

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