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!*LAAMN: Planning the Media and Democracy Congress 10/16-19 in NYCLA Alternative Media Network (LAAMN) suggestions for the 5/13

The Los Angeles Alternative Media Network (LAAMN) held its regular monthly
meeting in April and Carmen Vega, our representative to the Coordinating
Committee, which is meeting on 5/13 in NYC to discuss the content and
structure of the upcoming Media and Democracy Congress, led a discussion
about the Congress and what ideas and suggestions people had for panels,
workshops, overall goals, etc.

Here are the results from that discussion:

I. There should be panels focused on political and social issues and how
the alternative, independent media can help strengthen the progressive
Here are a few examples:

a. A panel on "Building the Labor Movement", which would discuss how to
create new media on labor, how to enhance current labor union
publications,how to include labor issues in current alternative media.
Speakers could include representatives from The Weekly Detroit Journal,
LaborNet, The Labor Party newspaper, Labor Notes, Labor Video Project, We
Do The Work,Local 1199 News, America At Work (monthly magazine of the
AFL-CIO), In These Times, etc.

b. A panel on "The Environment" focusing on speakers in the
environmental movement who are creating independent media;

c. A panel on "The Coverage of Racism and the Multicultural Movement"
with speakers discussing how the independent media have been covering the

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