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eeurope-news digest (97/05/11 29468)Public Opinion on NATO, Caryl/Luzhkov, Anti-Militarist Radical

Johnson's Russia List
11 May 1997

[Note from David Johnson:
  1. Walter Clemens (Boston University): Re Red Army Remembers.
  2. Budapest's Nepszabadsag: Russians Not Worried About Hungary's=20
NATO Membership. (Public opinion poll in Russia).
  3. U.S. News and World Report: Christian Caryl, The man behind the=20
Moscow machine. A Russian novelty: a popular politician. (Luzhkov).
  4. Anti-militarist Radical Association (ARA): Luzhkov, NATO,=20
conscientious objection.
  5. New York Times: Clyde Haberman, Opening a Door to a Distant,=20
Tumultuous Era. (About Harrison Salisbury).
  6. The Electronic Telegraph (UK): John Keegan, Nato's political=20
advance revives old Russian fears.
  7. New York Times: Alessandra Stanley, Democracy in Russia:=20
Women's Lib Is Just Cosmetic.
  8. Los Angeles Times: Dean Murphy, Desire to Punish Villains of=20
the Past Splits Poland.
  9. Reuter: Belarus leader worried by new Russia treaty draft.
  10. The Sunday Times (UK): Mark Franchetti, King of Moscow sets his=20
sights on the presidency.]


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