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eeurope-changes digest (97/05/18 18946)Kennan/Spys, CIA Agent Sentenced, Paul Kennedy/NATO, CIS

Johnson's Russia List
18 May 1997

[Note from David Johnson:
  1. New York Times: George Kennan, Spy & Counterspy.
  2. Moskovskiy Komsomolets: "CIA Agent Sentenced to 12 Years."
  3. Boston Globe: Paul Kennedy, Is NATO expansion a policy of=20
false pretense?
  4. Krasnaya Zvezda: THE CIS NEEDS COLLECTIVE SECURITY. Interview
with Vladimir ZEMSKY, Secretary General of the CIS Collective=20
Security Council.
  5. New York Times letters: Women's Lib in Russia Isn't Just=20
Cosmetic. (Colette Shulman and Anna Aslund).
  6. Vladivostok News: Blackouts anger mob.
  7. AP: Russian General Reportedly Charged. (Kobets).
  8. AP: IMF Agrees to Release Russia Loans.
  9. The Sunday Times (UK): Russian conscripts die in army torture=20
  10. New York Times; Michael Gordon, The Russian Economy: Notes=20
>From the Underground. (DJ: Whistling in the dark?)
  11. The Sunday Times (UK): Anatoly Adamishin, the departing Russian=20
ambassador, salutes all that makes Britain the world's most civilised

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