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Why is Russia Preparing for War?

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1 Why is the U.S.  Paying for it?

     Russia  is  continuing  to  build nuclear-attack-survivable
underground   bunkers,   subways   and   command   posts.   "The
underground   construction   appears   larger   than  previously
assessed,"  a CIA report labeled "top secret" said.  The report,
obtained   by   the   Washington  Times  from  defense  sources,

     Three decrees last year on an emergency planning
     authority under Yeltsin with oversight of underground
     facility construction suggest that the purpose of the
     Moscow-area projects is to maintain continuity of
     leadership during nuclear war.

     According   to   the   CIA  report,  construction  work  is
continuing  on  a "nuclear-survivable, strategic command post at
Kosvinsky  Mountain,"  located deep in the Ural Mountains, about
850  miles  west  of  Moscow.   "The  command  post at Kosvinsky
appears  to  provide  the  Russians  with the means to retaliate
against  a nuclear attack," the CIA report said.  "The rationale
for the Yamantau complex is unclear."

     Other  revelations: The Russians are building or renovating
four  complexes within Moscow that would be used to house senior
Russian government leaders during a nuclear strike.

     A   map   published   in   the  report  showed  new  subway
construction  under  way  from Victory Park Station in Moscow to
Mr.   Yeltsin's  dacha,  some  13  miles west of the Kremlin and
about  four  miles from the Moscow Ring Road.  Additionally, the
CIA report stated that a bunker for Russian leaders at Voronovo,
about 46 miles south of Moscow, is nearly complete.

     According  to  the  report, Mr.  Yeltsin and Prime Minister
Viktor  Chernomyrdin  endorsed  the construction of the bunkers,

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