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Re: Concerned about junk e-mail?

My point is that there are so many laws NOW which ARE NOT ENFORCED. They
are "missapplied", twisted or circumvented by the lawyers who overload our
legal system.  More laws only serve to give a false sense of security to
those who live with the misconception that "big brother" will take care of
them.  Our society is becoming a bunch of (excuse the bluntness) idiots.

As professional educators, we should be the first to realize that a TRULY GOOD
EDUCATION, would put a stop the all of this junk mail.  The only reason there
is so much junk mail, is that so many foolish people fall for it!  If the junk
mail people were not making so much money on it they would not be sending it to
you! Have you ever brought a piece of junk mail into class and asked the
students to find the tricks and schemes in the writing??  Why not, that would
be a much more real test of reading comprehension than any of the "classics".

Our society is falling into a seriously dangerous trap of believing that
government is the solution to all of our problems.  I certainly believe we need
government, and laws.  I am by no means an anarchist.  My point is simply, you
cannot legislate everything. If you try, you actually COME MUCH CLOSER TO
ANARCHY!! As the laws and the system become more and more restricting, people
begin to have contempt for the laws and the system.  That is anarchy!!

What does the list of rules look like in your classroom?  It should be short
and sweet.  These are the guidelines that run your class.  The best classrooms
have clearly defined expectations of their students.  Those classrooms with too
many rules, too many exceptions, inconsistent consequences, those are the
anarchistic classrooms.

Consistent implementation of law is, I believe, the most important factor to
the success of law.  How many times do we see "famous" or "important"
people get away with breaking laws and facing no consequences.  What effect do
you think Dennis Rodman, or Jose Allmar(sp?the baseball player who spit on the
umpire), or O. J. Simpson (whether or not he is or is not guilty), Mr or Mrs
President (any of them, JFK, Nixon, Johnson) have on the attitude our youth
have toward laws?  Our whole legal system is in bad shape.  People have little
or no respect for it.  I do not have all the answers.  I admit that I do not
know of a better system, but ours is broken and that is what you should be
trying to get fixed, not junk Email!

I heard on the news this morning that some kid shot a 20+ year old mother of
two as she walked past him on the street. Why, he wondered what it was like
to kill someone.  My first thought when I heard the story was, he'll get off.
Some slick lawyer will plead him insane, he MIGHT get a little prison time.
He will have access to more technology than we have in our classrooms, a better
library than most colleges, full health care, three meals a day, he can start
his own religion and have all kinds of perks.  I wonder if in congress today
they are going to debate, banning the particular kind of gun the kid used? OH
wait, I forgot, it is already illegal to kill people.

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