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Re: tedious pedantic panpoesis (fwd)Re: tedious pedantic panpoesis (fwd)

Dear Mr. Teiss,

  My response about being pedantic and tedious was prompted by the following,

"Good point with Saussure, but of equal worth to mention in re lang.
& symbol: Pierce, Jung, Levi-Strauss, Campbell, Kristeva, and Chomsky."

May I suggest that this little storm of august names is not likely to inspire
much in the way of a manageable or readable post.  One reference to Saussure
is not an invitation to toss in every other thinker who's weighed in on every
other aspect of the subject.

Brevity is the soul of wit, and often of good manners too.


S.D.R. Turtell

>>> Also, in reference to the very enticing "all languages poetic" idea,
>>> might we go two steps further and declare a state of Panpoesis or
>>> Omnipoesis--to say, There is poetry in every -one, -thing, -where?
To which I reply:  well I suppose we could if we want to be really
>>pedantic and tedious about a very simple point.
  It was to your dragging out of a half dozen names

>you're so very right, Steve.  what was i thinking, poetry in
>everything.  how complicated an idea, how utterly pedantic, what
>tedium in the thought.

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