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Re: Stopping child abuse/Senate proposes new laws

Jen1orbit wrote:
>   It is absolutely unreasonable and deranged for society to try and
> "reunite" abused children with their abusive parents, and this proposed
> new law recognizes this fact. It also seeks to make it easier for
> rights to be terminated in cases where the parent has been convicted of
> committing serious abuse against his/her child.

"Hoover" J.E."  <grand@poobah.net>  Wrote:

>>Joe, you are the man.  Isn't it amazing how little respect the
>>feel-gooders actually have for the rights of invididuals? Every time
>>they're presented with some feel-good notion like "reuniting families"
>>or "ending conflict" they march off and violate the rights of someone. 

   Hello J. Edgar,

  It is indeed amazing. This society amazes me each and every day, on a
whole variety of issues, with it's selfish, illogical, and deranged, and
intellectually hollow cultural mores. Society gladly violates the rights
of all their citizens, but they especially revel in violating the rights
and autonomy of the powerful, the weak, the helplees, namely children.
Children have no voice within society. They are unable to protect their
own sacred rights because society refuses to consider them as being
anything more than slaves, owned and possessed by their parents.

>>Of course, doing the right thing doesn't give them the endorphin rush
>>that "reuniting a family" or "making peace" or "resolving conflict" or
>>"activism" does.  

  On of the most repugnant aspects of the "normal" human mindset is the
incredible selfishness and self-obsession that drives the actions and
feelings and beliefs of the vast majority of people. Which they naturally
refuse to admit, cloaking their own true reality under the guise of
"trying to be helpful, good gooders". Nobody CARES about anyone else. They
just do what they perceive to be good things, because it makes THEM feel
good, inside themselves. Most humans would never admit this, because they
are living in hypocritical derangement.

  The VAST majority of people who do so-called "charitable" things, where
they try to help others, do not care in the slightest about bettering the
lives of anyone. They act in their charitable way because doing so
inflates their own ego and makes them feel worthwhile and "good", within
their own perception of themselves. Naturally, being humans, they either
lack to insight to recognize this truth within themselves, or they refuse
to acknowledge it to themselves and others, even if they do recognize it.

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