Perceptual Arena is an interactive virtual reality installation designed by Ulrike Gabriel and OTHERSPACE. The first version was premiered at the Canon Art Lab Tokyo, 1993 and has been shown at V2 Exhibition, Netherlands and Serious Chiller Lounge, Munich 1994.

The data world is a parallel reality. It creates its own natural organic structure out of clusters of more or less organized particles. Virtual environments are interfaces to the data world. They have no physical restrictions. Any definition is free and opens or restricts possibilities for creation. Space can structure into anything.

Virtual Clay is audio visual material which developes and transforms data input into an abstract representation of the meaning of this data. The material itself carries its aesthetic potential. How it evolves in shape and complexity depends on the interfaced data input. In the recent development virtual clay is used to evolve virtual reality interactivly with the user. The base for this development is the project Perceptual Arena, in cooperation with Canon Artlab 1993.

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(photo: CANON ArtLab) Hilside Plaza, Tokyo 1993