Perceptual Arena Technical


All software for Perceptual Arena was developed by OTHERSPACE and Canon ArtLab.

HARDWARE used at the ArtLab 3 exhibition.

  • Polhemeus Fasttrack
  • Graphics:
  • Silicon Graphics Onyx Reality Engine with 2 raster manager boards.
  • Graphics Display:
  • HMD (Head Mounted Display)
  • 2 High Resolution video projectors
  • Sound:
  • Atarii Mega STE
  • Akai S1100 Sampler
  • Boss SE-50 Stereo Effects Processor
  • Mark of the Unicorn MOTU 7S MIDI Mixer
  • Sound Display:
  • HMD headphones (for the user)
  • 8 speakers (for the outside views)
  • Miscellaneous:
  • Data Glove produced by OTHERSPACE