1. Choose spell intensity in spell checker frame
    (strong, medium or light)

  2. Attach name for doll

  3. Write spell into the textfield

  4. Smoke a cigarette or stuff (you don't have to inhale). Activate Voodoo drumloop:
    postmodern loop
    .au - .wav
    modern loop
    .au - .wav

  5. Go to witchboard with appropriate color code. Choose operation from menu

  6. Cast spell with the voodoo-button

  7. download V.: V.: V.: doll, save into secret hardiskfolder or diskette

  8. Repeat according to operation or untill the objective has been attained

  9. For certain OP's you send a boxed version by e-mail

  10. delete image from memory




( cut + paste )

"Bring me silver, bring me gold, Bring me money hot or cold, I need money, money now, Want it quick, don't ask me how."
(OR I)

"Quick, quick, powers that be, Send my true love to me Soon, soon, come to me, My heart awaits impatiently."
(OR I)

"__(name)__", "__(name)__", I wish to you, A tumble in a smoking stew. Black snake should catch you by the heal, And Hornets get you when you kneel. Bedbugs eat you by night, All goes wrong nothing right."