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  Public Netbase closed until further notice
Deficit forces temporary closure

Public Netbase has been underfunded for years. This situation has been worsening since the summer of 2004, and the net culture platform is now forced to initiate severe emergency measures.

Staff cuts, end of internet service providing
The Institute of New Culture Technologies, carrier organization of Public Netbase, is forced to sack staff and wind up the technical team.

As a consequence, several thousand members, individuals, projects and groups will lose their net access (mail and web services) by November 1st, and the complete workshop program will be discontinued.

Public Netbase has offered services and infrastructure for specific needs that are not covered by commercial ISPs or public institutions.

Loss of public space
Public Netbase caters for a wide range of people that do not find adequate possibilities anywhere in the city (including artists, young people, and migrants). In addition, Public Netbase provides a major point of interaction with the international scene. The city of Vienna is losing a important location of innovative new media practice that serves a new approach to art and culture.

Irreversible loss of competence.
Each day that this successful project, whose reputation reaches way beyond the borders of Austria, remains closed, valuable skills and competences that have been built up over years are lost. With each week, a continued cooperation with international networks, often resting on personal contacts, becomes less likely.

Visions for 2005
In its "Visions 2010" program, the Vienna city council indicates an ambitious plan to turn the city into a global showcase of a "new net culture". The project intends to respond to the particular challenges faced by a modern urban society in the information age.

We therefore hope that the hawkish cultural policies executed by the federal government, causing the temporary silencing of Public Netbase, will not already reach their ultimate point of triumph in the year 2005.
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Public Netbase closed
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Deficit forces temporary closure

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