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  21 11 - 22 11 1997 / Vienna
FLESH MACHINE: A Genexploitation Project

THEORY / PERFORMANCE: In a multimedia lecture the American artist collective Critical Art Ensemble explains the context of the event.

THE CLONING PROJECT - CAE allowed those who were interested to take actual screening tests for donor DNA, cytoplasm, and/or surrogacy. In doing so, the users could find out if they were considered "fit" or "unfit" for reproduction in a pan capitalist society. If they were "fit," users were asked to donate DNA to be stored in cryo-tanks, and received a certificate of fitness.

VIRTUAL TERMINATION - In connection with The Cloning Project, Virtual Termination examined the termination of frozen embryos under the sign of commodification.

LET'S MAKE BABY! - Also available at the event was the electronic storybook "Let's Make Baby!" - an illustrated guide for children that explains how science and medicine create life and why.

Critical Art Ensemble

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