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  25 04 2003 | 20h

Nobody knows with precision who's hidden behind the name 0100101110101101.ORG. Anything has been said about this renegade cyber-entity, accused of being "simple thief", dubbed as "media dandy" and "cultural terrorists". They are the authors of some of the most perfect media exploits of the last years, such as the spoof of the Vatican website - almost identical with that of the Holy See, but with slight deviations - or the memorable theft of the art gallery Their most enigmatic work, to which they attend since years, is called GLASNOST - transparency - a permanent self-surveillance system that consists on the monitoring and diffusion of an enormous amount of data related to their private life. With the project life_sharing they started giving every Internet user free and unlimited access to their personal computer: programs, system, desktop, archives, tools and even private mail are all public. Since the beginning of the project VOPOS they wear a GPS transmitter that, exchanging data with the satellites, constantly transmits to their website, their exact position on the urban environment. GLASNOST explores the contradictions of privacy in the era of information technology, mirroring the obsession of society in collecting and archiving personal data.

0100101110101101.ORG's work has been commissioned and shown internationally including: New York Digital Salon 10th anniversary, World Financial Center, New York 2003; Manifesta 4, Frankfurt 2002; Mediations: Archaeologies and Transformations in the Electronic Sphere, Austrian Cultural Forum, New York 2002; Intermedium2, ZKM, Karlsruhe 2002; Korea Web Art Festival, Museum of Contemporary Art, Seoul 2001; 49th Venice Biennial, Venice 2001; Valencia Biennial 2001; Double Life, Generali Foundation, Wien 2001; Jerome Commission, Walker Art Center, Minneapolis 2000; Ars Electronica 2000, Linz; Zac99, Musée d’Art Moderne de la Ville de Paris 1999. Their work has been reviewed and published in: The New York Times, El Pais, Britannica, Wired, Berliner Zeitung, Le Monde, Haaretz, Flash Art and in hundreds of other newspapers, magazines, television and radio shows around the world.

After the presentation live-performance: Neon Squid Autopsy

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