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Re: STOLEN WEB PAGES (Paul Savage) wrote:
 >In article <4qaf57$>,
 >(Nate Patwardhan) wrote:
 >> Face it, HTML is the "model" free world - nothing is hidden,
 >> everything is in the open, and EVERYTHING can be released to the
 >> general public without any TRUE legal sanctions (internet is anonymous
 >> and as many angry notes you send to someone, chances are they'll
 >> probably ignore you).  Kind of stinks, doesn't it?
 >Not at all. If I publish in a book (and I have) it's "out there in the
 >open" and anybody can read it -- nothing is hidden. If someone photocopies
 >the work and puts their name to it they are breaking the law and can be
 >sued. Creative works (writing, music, poetry etc.) published on the web
 >enjoy the same rights. Don't kid yourself otherwise.
 >By the way, the internet is not as "anonymous" as many people would like
 >to think.
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 I think you need to check with the Library of Congress and what can
 and can't be copyrighted.  For $25.00 one can copyright their html
 code and content.  Every one of my web pages has been registered with
 the Library of Congress.  For more information on copyrights visit
 Be careful what you steal.
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