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Re: Censor at the Net

 On Sat, 29 Jun 1996 23:45:27 GMT, In soc.culture.singapore
 (Ivan Tay), message-id : <4r354m$> wrote: Censor at the
 --> :  I think the government of censoring some homepage is unfounded as
 --> :  there is always a way to get over the censorship.  There are always
 --> :  way to go around . Perharps we should enphanis on education among the
 --> :  young and adults.
 --> :  Ivan Tay
 --> :  Thanks and Best Regards
 --> :  
 Perhaps it was unnecessary for the government to sensor these objective homepages,
 but I guess there is always a kind of people who will not self regulate. The emphasis
 should be placed on the adults and the young alright, but then, aren't the adults
 supposed to teach the young? Are we missing something here? I thought that as being
 adults, you should at least be mature enough to handle somethings huh?
 The Apache
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