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Re: Please read - re: off-subject/offensive posts

 Jeff quotes with regard to the "MAC IS..." thread:
 >>It may be censorship, but it is how I honestly feel.
 and responds:
 >I agree, but this implies that "somebody" will review and editorialize every
 No doubt a bunch of you have come across Blue Ribbons on various WEB
 sites over the past few months. These ribbons indicate support for
 freedom of speech. While we may not necessarily agree with the contents
 of various posts, I, for one, support the author's right to make such
 statements. I can and will delete ones I don't care to read. But I don't
 presume to have my will nor my taste imposed upon anyone else. That
 decision is one that they must make of their own volition.
 So, I don't advocate having someone censor this group or any group for
 that matter. There are loose canons out there that are exercising their
 freedom of speech. So be it. Since this list is gated to netnews and is open
 membership, it is just something that we'll have to learn to live with
 if we plan to remain members of the Internet community.
 <soapbox mode off>
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