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Re: No excuse for rudeness (Marlon Brando) writes:
   Oh Mr. Wayz,
   	If only "real life" were like that. I mean, if only the casino
   business were intolerrable of the situations that you describe.
   Unfortunately things have to get WWAAAYYYYY more out of hand than that
   for a pit boss to take action. 
   	Things shouldn't be that way, but sometimes the nicest people turn
   mean when you mix alcohol with a losing bet.
   	I've been in the biz for 11 years. And it gets worse.
                  | |
   "He's not the Messiah, he's a very naughty boy."
                                        -Monty Python
 I note that most of those that post in favor of the casinos are casino
 employees like the con man Arnold Snyder - so what else is new?
 What you like is for the suckers to keep losing - but if they read
 r.g.b. they will eventually understand that most posts in favor of the
 casinos are by casino employees or the agents.
 P.S.  Thank God John Imming and the like have started their own
 newsgroup - Snyder and Imming were afraid to deal with Mr. Doug Grant
 on this newsgroup - so they started their own in which they can censor
 out any truth that they do not want their sucker clients to hear - but hear
 it they will - here.