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Re: Karen Mercedes

 At 14:34 28/06/96 GMT, you wrote:
 >Christine Daae <> wrote:
 >>Actually apparently there's already an alt.philosophy.karen-mercedes, not
 >>created by her, but my server doesn't carry it so alas, I can't read it.
 >Dang , neither does mine nor any servers in Singapore for that matter
 >. Anyone knows where I can get it ? BTW are the contents of that
 >newsgroup soooo controversial that the government here censors it ,
 >(come to think of it , they censor everything)
 I think some groups just take a long time to get round everywhere - perhaps
 if they're not created following the rules or something. is still not carried by many servers.  
 Or maybe it's just too contraversial.  Hmm.  Can you get call the binary
 groups in Singapore?  ;)
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