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[L5R] List Server Digest for June 7th 1997RE: Alliance with wasp Clan

> Similarly, the rulebook now states:  "What is a Clan"
> If a card crops up that has the text "Wasp Clan" it is not a Clan within the 
> sense that a Clan is a defined term, because the card does not override the 
> rulebook - it does not say "Wasp Clan is treated as a Major Clan or Faction in 
> the struggle for the Imperial Throne and is treated as a Clan for the purpose 
> of game play".

	Well, the problem is that the Alliance event,  doesn't say 
anything like  "You may recruit members from a Major Clan or Faction
the Struggle for the Imperial Throne."  It merely looks for a clan
on an individual; and that trait is present on lion clan members, wasp

clan members, mantis clan members, ....

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