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eeurope-changes digest (97/06/12 3313)RFE/RL Newsline CZ/SK Selection No. 51

           A selection from the RFE/RL Newsline


SLOVAK PREMIER WANTS TALKS WITH PRESIDENT. Following a meeting of government
coalition parties on 11 June, Slovak Premier Vladimir Meciar has proposed
holding talks with President Michal Kovac. Meciar said he wants private
discussions with Kovac about halting mutual recriminations, RFE/RL's
Bratislava bureau reported. Meanwhile, Kovac on 11 June formally appointed
Zdenka Kramplova as the country's new foreign minister. Kramplova has said
foreign policy will not change during her term and that Slovakia will continue
to pursue its goal of entering NATO and the EU. Kramplova replaces Pavol
Hamzik, who resigned two weeks ago in protest over the way in which a
controversial referendum on whether to join NATO was conducted.

ROMANIAN LABOR PROTEST. Thousands demonstrated on 11 June in Bucharest and
nine other towns against the government's economic policies, RFE/RL's
Bucharest bureau reported. The demonstrations were organized by the National
Syndicate Block (BNS), one of Romania's largest trade unions. BNS leader
Dumitru Costin said the previous day that his union is protesting the lack of
dialogue between the government and the unions and the slow pace of

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