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INFO-ADA Digest - 9 Jun 1997 to 10 Jun 1997 - Special issueRe: text

On Mon, 09 Jun 1997 22:37:34 +0200, Jorge Sainz <jsainz@ibm.net> wrote:
>I'm new with ada so i have many questions, how can i put a nmber (for
>example) in a specific position of the screen (for instance to make a
>counter), and how can i clean th screen (cls, clear...)
>Please answer me by email to the first one,

To output numbers, 'with' the package Ada.Integer_Text_IO.  If you
prefer, 'use' it too.  Then you'll have the normal put/get procedures

Your next question is tougher.  There is nothing defined by the
language for screen manipulation.  There are, however, several ways to
accomplish such feats.

For one, you can roll your own and output ANSI color/positioning codes
using Ada.Text_IO (try looking in a good DOS reference, like
Microsoft's MS-DOS manual, under 'ANSI.SYS', or in various VT-terminal
references).  This will not *always* work, but it will work on many

I believe the GNAT EZ2LOAD distribution for DOS comes with a screen

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