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Re: Annie Alpert, Where is the Threat?Re: Ernst Zundel and the Human Rights Commission


[For those of you who haven't been introduced, Marc Lemire is a white
nationalist activist who helps with Mr. Zundel's web site -- Marc uploaded
the Zundelsite files to the mirror sites last year because the nominal
webmaster didn't know how to download or upload files to a web server -- and
Bernie Klatt runs ftcnet.com, among other things.]


EFC's position on the CHRC investigation is clear: they're against it. This
does not mean, however, that they support your wish to run a circus. 

Besides, I really do not think that it would be in your best interest to put
honest and net-savvy people on the stand where they could be cross-examined.
A clear statement from EFC that the CHRC should not have jurisdiction should
be sufficient at this time. You will find such statements in the EFC
archives. Some have been quoted in Zundelgrams, so surely you are not
unaware of them. What else, specifically, do you seek? If you think you can
increase your sense of victimhood and paranoia by turning EFC against you,

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