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Re: RTC wants my ISP to close down my account.

>Just a short notice to let you know that my ISP contacted me today 
>and told me that they had been approached by representatives of 
>They demanded/suggested that my ISP should close down my account, 
>and also said that if they did not do that, they would hold my ISP 
>I will contact my ISP for clarifications tomorrow, and if I still 
>have my account I will post a followup on this.
>If I lose my account, I will take my little war to the streets, 
>buses and subway of Stockholm instead. The Swedish Xemu leaflet 
>be so known in this city, that everybody will have read about this 
>scam before the summer is over. That is my simple reply to this 

Ok, Now I will followup on this message.

The story is as follows: The lawfirm Dahlman/Magnusson sent a fax to 
my ISP and demanded that they should close my account, or they would 
be held responsible. Well, well. 

Today I called my ISP and asked on what grounds they demanded such a 
thing. Was I surprised when I found out, that it was because of some 
alleged copyright abuse. Yes, it goes back to May 1 when I received 
a Kobrinogram in which the 'ho told me to cancel a message that I 
had sent to this NG. That was not possible, as I told her since they 
already had done that from a location in LA.

For those interested, the message ID for this article was: 

This was a reply to one of the regulars in this NG, and the alleged 
copyright protected material was already in the article when it 
landed in my NG. However, since they haven't been able to prove that 
they have any standing whatsoever on this, I have no reason to 
restrict myself when replying to articles. I seriously doubt that I 
have to restrict myself when I answer articles even if I knew they 
contained copyright protected materials. 

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