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PALDEV Digest - 3 Jun 1997 to 4 Jun 1997 - Special issueSNS on US aid

SNS News Service   "New Opposition Leader"                  Time:  08:44hrs
June 4, 1997.. 28 Iyar   5757..Volume II,         Number  882.. Update from



US Officials Want Accountability
(SNS News Service -Israel-6/4)  Officials in the US State Department have
stated they will not insist that the PA present an accountability of
spending to the donor nations who have given and pledged hundreds of
million of dollars to the PA.

Officials have also demanded that PA officials condemn the recent murders
of three Arab land dealers.

Last week, Senator Jesse Helms and Congressman Benjamin Gilman called on US
officials to stop all financial aid to the PA until there is an
accountability and the law calling for the death of land dealers be
immediately canceled.

The two prominent legislatures stated the racist law could not be tolerated.




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