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Re: Have DrG and Boursey been nuked?

Tom "Tom" Harrington (tph@longhorn.uucp) wrote:
: Mark Crother (mark@mugwort.calstate.edu) wrote:

: : I have noticed something rather strange lately in this group.  All of
: : DrG and Boursey's postshave been unavailable.  The only way I can read
: : of their posts is if I read a followup to theirs.

: I've noticed a similar lack of posts here.  I rarely see posts
: from Boursy, and almost never any from Grubor (at least, not
: the "zando" account; the Fomin alias still shows up) at this
: site.  I have no idea why...  I see lots of follow-ups to
: originals that never made it here.  I was going to kill-file them
: until I realized that it wouldn't make much of a difference.

Could it be that Gruber and Bousy are slowly making their way into the
global killfile?

*There is no cabol, they don't have a globle killfile, and they wouldn't
put Gruber and Boursy in it.*

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