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ZGram -- "We are at the cusp. . ."ZGram - May 30, 1997 - "We are at the cusp. . ."

Copyright (c) 1997 - Ingrid A. Rimland

May 30, 1997

Good Morning from the Zundelsite:

Now that I am getting my bearings - back in California from two eventful
weeks in Canada where the Zundelists rallied around me as though I were a
kamikaze pilot dressed for a suicidal mission - I want to give you an
update and have a hard time deciding just where I should start.

There is so much to say - about the shifting nature of our struggle, the
broadening ideological front, the spiritual core of the conflict, the
prospects for a victory, the "armies" on both sides.

In weeks to come, you'll get an earful - and then some.  I promise.

We are at the cusp.  We are one lucky bunch of intellectual warriors to
help craft the next century.  Will some of us be hurt?  Of course.  Freedom
from serfdom based on thought control has never come to decent people on a
smooth, polished silver platter.

Soi let me start, for our many newcomers, by sketching where we are.

Ever since the first cyberspace war in January/February of 1996, unleashed
by an announced "debate" between the Zundelsite and Nizkor that flushed the
Simon Wiesenthal Center into the open as major, self-appointed censor  of
the Internet,  the Zundelsite has been the target of massive, global
censorship - a world-wide coverup-in-the-making.  Your own beloved website
called the Zundelsite is seen as the archetypal symbol of the politically
ever-so-incorrect Revisionist point of view of history.

Our mission statement says it all:  We challenge the Holocaust Hoax.

We are neither the largest nor, in my opinion, the best of Revisionist or
even National websites in terms of quality and quantity of content because

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