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They want our FAQ for a CDROMUsing your FAQ(s) in book/CD-ROM

As you may have heard, a number of FAQ maintainers are working on a
book about FAQs and other periodic informational postings.  It's
intended to be a general-audience book, with information on the
history of FAQs; how to access them through Usenet, the WWW, and other
methods; when and how to contribute to FAQs; and so on.  It will also
contain a catalog of all the FAQs in the List of Periodic
Informational Postings, sorted into a number of categories.

We would like to include a CD-ROM with the book, containing the FAQs
themselves as well as "live" links to WWW or FTP sites (rtfm and
www.faqs.org, if nothing else) where more recent copies of the
postings can be found.  We will only be including postings for which
we have explicit permission to do so, and we'll be careful to explain
about modification dates and how to get newer copies of the files.  We
won't be making any changes to the content, though we may trim extra
news headers, concatenate multi-part files, and make other minor
changes of that sort.

We don't yet have a publisher for the book, so I can't guarantee what
sort of compensation we would be able to offer, but we hope to provide
either a T-shirt, a copy of the book/CD-ROM, or both to those
maintainers who allow us to include their postings.  We're not in this
to make money; as a form of compensation for FAQ maintainers, we also
plan to donate a portion of the proceeds from the book to a worthy
cause, preferably one related to FAQs, although the details haven't
been worked out yet.  (If you'd like to participate in the discussion,
send "subscribe faqbook" in the Subject of email to

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