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                            Enchanted E-Books

Dear Writer,

     Welcome!  And thank you for expressing an interest in Enchanted 
E-Books.  I would like to take a few moments to share a little about 
our company, the service we provide for writers, and the incredible new 
market available via the information superhighway.   
     Enchanted E-Books is an online publishing company.  We are engaged 
in the business of selling electronic-books to the American public over 
telephone lines via a computer bulletin board service.  We are committed 
to using the information superhighway to bring forth an entire new market 
for the written word.  We believe that by doing this we will create a 
win-win situation for all involved. 

The Writer Wins

     To the writer we are a marketing service.  The writer pays a small 
publication fee and provides the company with the exclusive rights to 
market the book for a period of one year.  (The author retains the 
copyright rights.)  In return the writer is paid a royalty of twenty 
percent (20%) of all monies received in payment for the book.  The 
publication fee during our Special Introductory Offer is only $99; 
regular price is $129.
     The fee paid by the writer is intended to cover the entire cost 
of making the book available to the public.  Hence, a book that does not 
sell is not a liability to the company.  And one that does sell will 
reward the writer in direct proportion to the popularity of the work.   
     Since the writer covers the cost of "publication," we can make a 

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