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Re: Re Poll Who's going to G-con

> In article <jonathan.mockNOJUNK-1805971636530001@lon5-48.ukonline.co.uk>,
>   jonathan.mockNOJUNK@ukonline.co.uk (Jonathan Mock) wrote:
> >
> > Not me. This time last year I had thought of going to G-Con but ran out of
> > time. It sounded great, one big get together by Godzilla fans.
> >
> > But now? Forget it. I'm not coming all the way from England just to get
> > sucked into this tit-for-tat war between JD and JRR - sorry guys.
> Sorry, Jonathan, but you've obviously let everything that you've read
> here -- probably starting way back during the "Godzilla-Con vs. G-CON"
> nonsense -- give you a wrong impression as to what the conventions are
> like.  It's too bad if you've let yourself become a casuality of the
> "tit-for-tat" war.
> > In all seriousness, what kind of message does all this stupidity send out
> > to likes of Toho, Daeie, Trendmasters, Dark Horse and even Centropolis.
> > Who would blame them if they decided to give wetsren G-fandom a wide berth
> > in the wake of all this name calling, else set up their *official* fan
> > organisation of their own.
> I agree with you that a lot of it *IS* stupidity -- but isn't this
> exactly what Toho and all the other organizations that you've listed have
> done from the start: given Western G-Fandom a wide berth?  What kind of
> message does Sony's current attitude to squash the image of the "old"
> Godzilla in order to make way for the "new" Godzilla send to the likes of
> the fandom?  I don't see why we can't have both.
> > I still feel that Toho/Tristar will start to crack down on unnofficial fan
> > clubs, websites and cons in the build up to next years G movie - fans
> > fighting amongst themselves only makes their job easier.
> Well, this obvious point has been lost on several of the "fans," as was
> the concept of "united we stand."  It was amazing to see them scrambled
> for cover when Toho launched their lawsuit against John Roberto.  And for
> what?  The lawsuit only involves John, hasn't really progressed anywhere
> after over 1 year and as a side benefit, the conventions, the fanzines,
> the business selling G-stuff, etc. no longer receive letters from Toho's
> irate U.S. legal department. Maybe they are too busy now?  Who knows.
> I believe that the exact opposite of what you stated will happen and *IS*
> in fact, already happening.  Look at the Robert Marrero lawsuit, for
> example: clearly, his book is in violation of Toho's rights, so they slap
> him with an $8 million lawsuit.  Well, something doesn't seem to be
> working because Marrero has a rather prominent advertisment for his
> Godzilla book in the current issue of SCI-FI UNIVERSE.  Did Toho simply
> settle with Marrero quietly after loudly announcing an $8 million suit? 
> Or was the announcement just to scare others from further releasing any

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