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[GAIA-L] New link and urgent action needed!Your emails

At 12:35 AM 5/12/97 -0300, you wrote:

Hi, Jean.  Thanks for all the mail - will take me awhile to get to it,
though.  Also:  the squirrels inside this litte 386/33 are getting a little

Following at end are parts of draft copies of two projects I'm working on
  <<just to fill you in (my website is waiting for these updates, along with
all the new info from you and others along with their corresponding links),
  and just in case you aren't busy enough - Ha Ha!>>

Keep up the good work! and thanks again!

At 12:39 AM 5/12/97 -0300, you wrote:
>>Hi, Jean.  No problem on "the tip" - thought you'd like it.

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