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SCOUT> The Scout Report -- May 9, 1997The Scout Report -- May 9, 1997

========  The Scout Report                                             ==
========  May 9, 1997                                                ====
========  Volume 4, Number 2                                       ======
======                                   Internet Scout Project  ========
====                                    University of Wisconsin  ========
==                              Department of Computer Sciences  ========

==   I N   T H E   S C O U T   R E P O R T   T H I S   W E E K   ========

====== Research and Education
1.  _Today's Internist_--ASIM
2.  READY*SET*READ Early Childhood Learning Kit
3.  _State of the World's Forests 1997_--FAO
4.  HEPIC--High Energy Physics Information Center
5.  Literature in Line: Lianhuanhua Picture Stories from China
6.  Kimball's Biology Pages
7.  EDU-ONLINE--Online education and training mailing list

====== General Interest
8.  Report & Order in the Matter of Federal-State Joint Board on
    Universal Service--FCC
9.  Terra: Brazil's Landless Movement--New York Times
10. Hong Kong 1997--Two sites cover the transition
11. Legal Bytes
12. The Red Hot Jazz Archive
13. SED--Self-Employment Digest

====== Network Tools
14. Finding Information on the Internet: A Tutorial
15. CAST Bobby--Web page accessibility utility
16. GIF Wizard

====== Where Are They Now
17. Volume 1, Number 2: The Scout Report for May 5, 1994

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