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Prodigy CEO Promises to Censor His Service for the Chinese GovernmentProdigy CEO promises to censor his service for the Chinese government

In a story reported by Reuters on 4/29/97, Prodigy's CEO, Greg Carr, said
that Prodigy had formed a joint venture in China with Norinco, China's
main arms manufacturing conglomerate, to provide ISP services across China
and to set up a special subscriber-only China content corner of the
Internet.  The service will be censored, says Carr, to make sure it
contains nothing that the Chinese government would find unacceptable.

"All the stuff will be screened," Chairman Carr is quoted as saying.  "We
want to be good citizens, we don't want the government to come round and
spank us.  We'll block it as much as we have to to keep our friends

Prodigy hopes to sign up 20,000 to 30,000 subscribers to its China
service, at US$30 per month, by the end of 1997, using special sign-up
kiosks in department stores to boost sales.  "We could have a significant
piece of the market," Chairman Carr is reported as saying.

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