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The India News Network Digest - May 8, 1997 (Part 2 of 2)News 5/7/97

RTw  05/07 1044  India working hard to stamp out child labour - ILO

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    By Sunil Kataria
     NEW DELHI, May 7 (Reuter) - India, home to the world's largest child
workforce, has taken unprecedented steps toward eradicating child labour
but must ensure employers cooperate, the International Labour Organisation
(ILO) said on Wednesday.
     "That is the challenge facing the government," Mitsuko Horiuchi, ILO
regional director for Asia and the Pacific, told a news conference.
     Horiuchi applauded a Supreme Court move to crack down on the problem,
apparently referring to a directive issued last December asking the
government to identify and immediately release all child labourers employed

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