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DoomKombat is no more!! We got screwed!Copyright Infringement

     I am writing from the legal department of WMS Industries Inc. and
subsidiary Midway Games Inc.  We are owners of the copyrighted
MORTAL KOMBAT  and its successors MORTAL KOMBAT 2,3, Trilogy, etc.

     It has come to our attention that you are displaying our characters
our games on your web page and are planning  to offer these characters
to be
downloaded by others in connection with the game DOOM.

    Since you are displaying our characters without permission you are
violating our federal copyrights.  If you offer these characters for
you will also be in violation of the law.

     Our company takes these violations very serioiusly and we have been
known to take aggressive action to stop the piracy of our products.  You
should note that under federal law, an infringer may be subject to
damages and legal costs, as well as criminal penalties. 

      To avoid these serious repercussions, we must demand that you
immediately remove all of our property from your web site and that you
offer any portions of our games (including the characters, weaponry,
etc.) to
others from your web site.

     We look forward to receiving confirmation from you immediately by
that you will comply with our request and we would expect you to remove
property from your web site as soon as possible.  We look forward to
prompt compliance with our request so that you may avoid legal action.

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