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Interesting Position Announcement NCSU vacancy announcement

North Carolina State University Libraries

Vacancy Announcement
Scholarly Communication Librarian (New Position)

The North Carolina State University Libraries invites applications and
nominations for the position of Scholarly Communication Librarian.  The
NCSU Libraries is dedicated to the promotion of the fundamental role of
scholarly communication in a major research university, particularly in
the emerging digital publishing environment. This commitment is embodied
in the creation of the new position of Scholarly Communication Librarian.
The ideal candidate is a librarian with a law degree who would take
leadership in safeguarding the role of the NCSU Libraries in the scholarly
communication process, including promotion of its full rights, as well as
those of the creators, disseminators, and users of scholarly information,
under the fair use section of the copyright law.  With the active
endorsement of NC State University faculty, students, and administration,
the Libraries has established a Scholarly Communication Center to offer
guidance on university policy to the Libraries and to faculty, students,
and staff on matters pertaining to scholarly communication, such as
copyright and fair use, database licensing, and user privacy issues. 
Housed in an area of the library newly renovated and dedicated to digital
initiatives, the Scholarly Communication Center benefits from adjacency to
the Department for Digital Library Initiatives, Information Technologies
Teaching Center, Scanning and Digitization Laboratory, Learning
Technologies Center, and NC State's Center for Teaching and Learning. 


Reporting to the Vice Provost and Director of Libraries through the
Associate Director for Administrative Services and Organizational
Development, will establish and serve as director of the Scholarly
Communication Center.  Has six main areas of responsibility:  (1) 
Provides guidance to the library staff on matters pertaining to scholarly
communication.  Serves as the Libraries' primary resource on fair use and
other copyright issues as they relate to library collections and services,
provides Libraries' position and proposes desired language, when
warranted, on database licensing and user privacy issues.  (2)  Provides
guidance to faculty and others in the NC State community on scholarly
communication matters.  Works with faculty on an NC State copyright
ownership policy; helps faculty, students, and staff understand and apply
the concept of "fair use"; and helps faculty, students, and staff with
obtaining copyright permissions.  (3)  Serves as a resource for and

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