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IOMUG Digest - 25 Apr 1997 to 26 Apr 1997mail failed, returning to sender

I sure wish somebody responsible would look into this malfunction so that
I, a bona fide IO/MUG member may again participate in this list...it seems
the list administrator is asleep...whoever that may be...I am getting no
action whatsoever despite my e-mails.  Please note the error on the bounced
message below...it's saying that IOMUG-Search-request@LISTSERV.UTA.EDU does
not exist, despite this exact address being given to direct message
requests to.  I hope this doesn't fall on deaf ears...(again)

BTW, if someone wants me to read their comments, they must e-mail me of
course, since I only receive the index, and as long as I can't request
posts, I won't bother looking at the subject headers.  AND PLEASE, DON'T
refer me to info about Listserv...I'm following the directions...there's a

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