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Re: Censorship in soc.culture.russian (Jean-Paul Chadourne) writes:
 >In article <>, says...
 >Jean-Paul Chadourne? 
 > finally exposing the role of Yeltsinetes' 
 >>international cosmopolitan-masonic conspiracy
 >It's a true joke! My personnal vocabulary doesnt include 'international 
 >cosmopolitan masonic conspiracy' which is typically extreme-right vocabulary.
 >I'm a democratic socialist . So i'm against zyuganov as against Yeltsin.
 >I said merely what is in all european newspapers that press and media are 
 >under Yeltsinian control! I heard this morning on french radio that Korjakov 
 >and c had arrested some russian TV guys. 
 Well, yuor french radio guys do not seem to be so knowledgeble. The 
 arrested guys were members of Yetsin's re-election campaign, not TV 
 >Say to me if it's a paranoid 
 Not at all. Korzhakov and co have been fired the same night for this, 
 although it is unclear whether this was actually a setup to get rid of them.
  The probleme is, unfortunately, that Russia is not close to know
 >democratic debates. For you all is black or white: all those who are'nt for 
 >Yeltsin are stalisnists-reactionnary-orthodox fanatics-antisemites and so on.
 >Democracy is not that. 
 Come on, Jean-Paul. I was just joking. You see, your original post 
 accusing Yeltsin of cancelling anti-Yeltsin articles in Usenet was 
 extremely silly. Admit it. Your own article wasn't cancelled, was it? 
 Neither were those by David Johnson and Henrietta, who have been 
 criticizing Yeltsin for months. Not to mention hundreds of posts 
 criticizing Yeltsin for the war in Chechnya.
 Nor do we all see things in balck and white. For your information, most of 
 us do not like Yeltsin. Had Yeltsin's main opponenet been Lebed, Yavlinsky 
 or even Gorbachev - most of us would be voting for Yeltsin's opponent.
 But with Zyuganov - most of us see him as agreater threat than you in 
 France view LaPen. Especially with a Nazi like Anpilov being his main 
 allies, Zyuganov's camp looks like the worst possible combination of 
 Stalinists and Hitlerites (I just saw old footage of Anpilov's people 
 demonstating against Gorbachev and his "Zionist" friends (i.e, Jews)).
 Thus, we are choosing a much lesser of two evils: yeltsin over Zyuganov.
 In any case, I hope the latest news of appointing Lebed, geting rid of 
 Korzhakov, Soskovets and Co, the rising fortunes of Chubais and other 
 democrats makes you feel beter about Yeltsin.