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Re: The Saudi Bomb not from Extremists

 > Kal Masri <> wrote in article
 > Yes that might be true Joseph (Who's Cynthia?),
 that would be my wife. Haven't you been reading SCL lately? :-)
 I'm actually using her account while I get my home system
 > but the real tell-tale 
 > would be what happens next, i.e. who they end up stiking this one to: 
 > Khadaffi is not the a-la-mode terrorist head of state at least for now, 
 > and Saddam extracts pitty and lampooning.....could it be Assad that will
 > get the next shaft?
 Yes, there are some easy targets that the US and/or Saudi can pin this one
 on. In this case though, I think that the same group of people who did the
 last bombing is the one who did this one. Admiringly, the timing cannot be
 better for Clinton's G7 meeting, where (as you've probably heard) the US
 was severely criticized by the remainder of the G7 for wanting to expand
 sanctions against certain nations. I still think though that on this one,
 the bombing is real bad for Clinton on the eve of a US election. I watched
 an interview with the deputy Saudi Ambassador on CNN, when asked if Saudi
 will be going fundamentalists, his response was that Saudi is the
 "quintessential fundamentalist state" (direct quote), so therefore those
 who claim to be Muslim fundamentalists cannot possibly have anything
 against Saudi. He also said that those who did it will be caught and
 immediately beheaded like the previous explosion (he made that point
 several times).
 > I is very worrisome when you give thought as to what might cooking 
 > behind closed doors.  Besides, when it comes to the Middle East, not 
 > even the brightest of fictional novelists can overdo it on "conspiracy 
 > theories".  I am willing to bet anyone that in the halls of the 
 > Pentagon, CIA, Mossad (Brrrrrrr..), the priority agenda is at least, but
 > not restricted to, about combating Militant Islam and its threat to the 
 > Capitalization of the world.  
 Only to the point where it serves the needs of the planners. Muslim
 fundamentalism was not a problem when the US supplied Stinger missiles to
 the Afghanis, or when Israel supplied arms to Iran in return for hostages.
 For Middle East purposes though, no matter how convoluted the plans are,
 people can stop them if they care about their own countries first, case in
 point is Lebanon where we keep fighting over who is better Assad or
 >I don't know about you guys, but I smell 
 > fish, and I am bracing myself for another wave of anti-Arab sentiment to
 > wash up on the front pages of the US media.
 So far, there has been no evidence of this. Normally, it would have
 escalated to that point by now, but the target was hit in a friendly
 nation that the US has no interest in *embarrassing*. Even though the US
 media is free, their sources of information in this case are controlled.
 At first, Saudi did not allow journalists in, but they lifted that ban a
 couple of days later, when the official story was worked out between US
 and Saudi officials. 
 > Sleep well while you can
 > Khaled "Jean Claude Rizk" Masri. 
 Who's Jean Claude? :-)