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Re: U.S. THREATENS TO NUKE LIBYA!!!! (David) wrote:
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 >During April the Clinton Administration threatened a "surgical"
 >nuclear strike on an alleged underground "chemical weapons" plant
 >situated in the side of a mountain near Tarhunah, in north-western
 >	The U.S. Defence Secretary, Dr. William Perry, said the United
 >States is fully prepared to take "more drastic measures" if Libya did
 >not wield to American demands. 
 >	On May 24, the New York Times reported that "although the U.S.
 >constantly monitors every activity and development in Libya through a
 >sophisticated satellite network in the sky and by covert agents on the
 >ground, it did not fully comprehend what was going on until it became
 >impossible to knock the plant out with acceptable weapons already in
 >the arsenal." Among its options, the report states, the U.S. is
 >considering the use of a "small" nuclear weapon that "could penetrate
 >the mountain and destroy the plant without exterior fallout." 
 >	Remarkably, no mainstream media expressed alarm that the U.S.
 >is seriously considering a nuclear strike on another country,
 >especially in the wake of huge outcry over French and Chinese nuclear
 >	During an interview with CNN, the Libyan leader Col. Muammar
 >Al Qadhafi said the work on the mountain at Tarhunah is part of the
 >Great Man-Made River Project (a massive irrigation program). 
 >	"We wanted to connect the two branches of the Great Man-Made
 >River from Tarhunah to Tripoli and a mountain stood in our way so we
 >had to drill a tunnel for the pipes to pass through." He said Korean
 >construction companies "could reveal the falsehood of American
 >allegations." He added that if the work is so suspicious in American
 >eyes, "then American permission will have to be sought before any work
 >is done on Libyan land or in its mountains to avoid American
 >	The U.S. is also pressuring Libya to hand over two men they
 >claim were responsible for the 1988 Pan Am airliner bombing over
 >Lockerbie. Although the case against the men lacks any evidence and
 >has been shown by numerous international legal bodies to be flawed,
 >the U.S. is continuing its vindictive campaign against the Libyan
 >leader. Due to its refusal to hand over the two men to British or U.S.
 >authorities, Libya has been under severe UN sanctions for the last
 >four years.
 >(Source: New York Times, May 24, 1996; JANA, April 18, 1996; For
 >up-to-date news and info on Libya visit
 >Above new items extracted from New Dawn No.37 (July-August, 1996)