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Re: 100,000,000 dead slaves?

 In <>
 Gabrielle Daniels <> writes: 
 >On 29 Jun 1996, Steve GREGG, congratulating himself prematurely, wrote
 >back to mine:
 >> That's the major difference between you and I, Gabrielle:
 >> I will listen to your opinion and engage you in dialogue.
 >Oh, rot. You call what you say, 'dialogue'?
 >You just want to rant and whine about how white males are put upon,
 >put out statements which have no real basis in fact to confirm your 
 >vaunted superiority.
 OK, Gabrielle, show me where in this thread that I have explored in any
 way this crazy theme that "white males are put upon."  Since I don't
 believe it and it's not relevant to this thread in any way, I'd sure
 like to hear the arguments I made in favor of it that have outraged you
 You may not like the syphillitic bear bones but there they are.
 I think you are reading in a lot of stuff into my words to fit your
 prejudices.  But they're not a very good fit.
 >This is what is being heard daily by everyone, by blacks and by people
 >color, in the media, in the classroom, in the workplace. 
 I have rebutted the 100 million dead slave thesis with facts.
 You find those facts offensive to your preconceived ideological
 position.  So now you want to change this debate into some sort of vast
 white conspiracy to demean blacks.  
 What it comes down to is that every time you can not defend your
 position, you play the race card.  I'm not impressed.
 >> You, on the other hand, want to shut the other side up so that only
 >> your voice can be heard.
 >Bullshit. (If I may not cover the 'i' with a '*'.)
 Honey, weren't you the one who wanted me moderated out of this
 >I've heard the other side for so long, from the age of four (when I
 >started to read with no instruction) until now, that I have decided to
 >preserve my own righteous rage for a fight more worthwhile. I'm bowing
 >because I'm sure not going to go into a quicksand like some other
 >have gone.  You don't want to admit *anything* I say may be correct. I
 >love history, but I also know that most of history is written by the
 >*victors*. It's quite interesting to read and hear about the other
 >Ever try it sometime? 
 I'm much better read in history than you.  In fact, I'll bet that I'm
 much better read in African history than you.
 When you say something correct, I'd be happy to agree with you.  But if
 you are going to just to say over and over again that 100 million
 slaves died in the Middle Passage, I am going to respond every time
 that it is an exagerated figure.  It appears that you don't feel that
 you have to back up your position with facts, just shout it louder and
 more often and the other side is obliged to cave in.
 >> Like a typical liberal you find that free speech rubs you the wrong
 >> way.
 >Like a typical rightwing idiot, you think you have the truth because