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THE ELECTRONIC EDITION -- a free bi-weekly electronic op-ed page

 THE ELECTRONIC-EDITION -- a free bi-weekly electronic op-ed page.
 THE ELECTRONIC EDITION officially publishes its first edition Sunday, June
 30, 1996.  THE ELECTRONIC EDITION is a FREE bi-partisan electronic op-ed
 page, committed to present both liberal and conservative perspectives.  
 THE ELECTRONIC EDITION features up and coming columnists.  Every other
 Sunday four columns are published.  Letters to the Editor are welcomed,
 however, letters will be published at the discretion of THE ELECTRONIC
 EDITION (please keep them brief; 100 words or less).  
 In this week s issue read:
  Family Responsibilities  by Linda S. Davis, a column focusing upon this
 country s most famous dead-beat dad, Jeffrey Nichols.  
  The Church Burnings , by T.J. Sharp.  Is there really a conspiracy to the
 black church burnings, or has the media been misled?
  Hillary s Advisor , by BDSen, Why does the media follow Bob Woodward s
 downward spiral?
 If you would like to subscribe.
 1.  Send e-mail to
 2.  In the body of the message (not the re line), type the following
 [subscribe ELEC-ED your name] (type everything between the brackets (do
 not include the brackets) -- and replace  your name  with your actual
 name.  Every other Sunday you will receive four columns (approximately
 2,000-2,500 words).