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Re: AFMP--Popken/AE, Pt 2

 On Jun 25, 1996 07:55:42 in article <Re: AFMP--Popken/AE, Pt 2>,
 ' (Greg Popken)' wrote: 
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 >>>On Jun 21, 1996 07:40:31 in article <Re: AFMP--Popken/AE, Pt 2>, 
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 >>>>On Jun 17, 1996 08:17:33 in article <Re: Pro Animal Research article in
 >>>>WSJ>, ' (Greg Popken)' wrote:   
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 >Greg Popken Wrote: 
 >>>We are not dealing in false absolutes.  We are dealing in human lives.  
 >>>Yes prevention can play a key role in helping people.  But prevention  
 >>>can not help everyone.  
 >>Would heart disease be the # 1 killer of Americans if we consumed low
 >>low cholest., high fiber diets coupled with exercise and stress 
 >No, probably not.  But who among us knows that this is a healthy diet? 
 Agreed--there must be MUCH more in the way of proper education...but would
 the meat/dairy industry really allow this since the overall dietary trend
 is to move away from animal products... 
 >Most everyone is quite aware if it.  But short of outlawing certain 
 >eating habits all we can do is educate people.   That will go a long 
 >way to stopping the problem.  However, it will not work in all cases. 
 >And we still have an obligation to help these people. 
 Agreed again--but the issue is, how??  WHat consitutes the most efficacious
 use of our ltd. research $$?? 
   Just because 
 >someone didn't put on their protective eyeware before using a drill is 
 >no reason to deny them ammelioration from their suffering. 
 >>And the implimentation of the prevention  
 >>>necessary is impossible.   
 Well, all of this is very new and most of us are very resistant to
 chnage--esp. in re: to something as personal as food choices.  The
 attitudes will have to die out--either via radical changes in lifestyle or
 We have proven that with HIV.