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Manna National Distributor

 Hard to find those fan-subs?
 Try us, Detroits largest Anime group and distributor of fansub
 and unsub Anime.
 MANNA Anime of Metro Detroit (a non-profit org of course)
 -Bringing fan-sub Anime to the masses-
 Manna homepage:
 Out of Area orders: (for local orders, please check showing and
 meeting info on homepage)
 	Manna Anime of Metro Detroit - National Branch
 Note: We can only serve the continental United States. I apologize
 to our Canadian neighbors and off continent citizens. In our trial
 run of Manna Anime National, sufficient delivery losses prompted us
 to forgo shipping across borders.
 If you are planning to order Anime from the Manna list, please
 follow the rules and guidelines below. Failure to do so will result
 in returned funds and the non-delivery of those high quality tapes
 filled with your favorite Anime.
 1. Unless given special authorization, you are limited to four tapes
 per order - one order per month. Before sending in your money order
 (the only method of payment accepted), you must E-mail Manna's
 archiver and receive your MTAC (Manna tape authorization code).This
 code places your order on a list that expires approximately one
 month after you receive it. Should your funds arrive here one day
 after the MTAC expires, they will be returned. You must then resubmit
 E-mail for a new MTAC.
 The reason for this is simple:
 A) We do not wish to end up like many distribution sites that are
 overwhelmed by huge mail-orders that are unexpected. We don't want
 to be swamped.
 B) We don't need someone flooding our E-mail server with flame
 letters because they didn't get their order a day after they sent
 their funds - after waiting a month or two to send them.
 C) We like to be very organized so that everyone gets their tapes
 on time and become very complacent watching their favorite Anime,
 so that we may dominate the world while it dazedly watches dozens
 of episodes of Smoon... AH-HAHAHA <evil laugh> and you'll never
 know... ah, cripes, I just gave it away...
 2. E-mail the Archiver at
 List the titles that you are interested in and what level of tape
 (Premium or Archive) that you will want them copied onto.
 Once you have obtained an MTAC, you can mail your money order to:
 	Manna Anime
 	c/o John Pfeiffer   (make your m.o.'s out to this name)
 	MTAC XXXXX          (include your MTAC here)
 	P.O. Box 214808
 	Auburn Hills, Mi. 48321-4808
 3. Your order will be copied and processed within one day of receiving
 the funds. You may E-mail at anytime (give your MTAC number) and check
 the status of your order. Possible status's are:
 A) No funds received yet.
 B) Funds received, order being processed.
 C) Order shipped xx/xx/xx (date)
 All orders are shipped registered (you must sign when you receive
 them). This ensures that we receive acknowledgment that are happily
 watching your Anime tapes.
 D) Improper MTAC number. You have submitted an improper MTAC, please
 attempt to E-mail the proper MTAC to ensure that your order is being
 E) Expired MTAC. Your MTAC is over one month old. It is invalid.